Life’s Not Fair

My 3-year-old daughter grabbed ahold of this phrase and incorporated it into her bed time routine.  She had to remind Mommy before she fell asleep every single night that life is NOT fair.  She started doing this faithfully about 5 months ago. There were a couple of nights that she forgot to tell me this ever important truth and she would burst into tears calling me to come back into her room. Continue reading “Life’s Not Fair”

God or Chocolate??

In my teen years I became a chocaholic. Yes, I was completely addicted. I loved coconut and CHOCOLATE. I loved nuts and CHOCOLATE. I loved caramel and CHOCOLATE. I loved fudge on my CHOCOLATE ice cream. I liked to eat chocolate all by itself: dark, milk, semi-sweet, it didn’t matter as long as it was CHOCOLATE! I could not choose a favorite. Continue reading “God or Chocolate??”